Freelancing and Stress Management

Freelancing and Stress Management

Stress management becomes especially important now, during a global pandemic when being locked inside a house becomes progressively more tiresome. We have collected some opinions from our employees on how to manage stress while freelancing in these trying times.

  1. Maintain a good, steady routine. It provides some structure for the day, helps to get things done and can be a source of stability during a time that is not too predictable.
  2. Every now and then, it’s OK to break from your routine. Some of our employees prefer to keep a routine but others claim that it is disheartening to constantly focus on a schedule. You can always break your routine and do something other than your current task.
  3. Find a hobby you can do from home. One of our employees does yoga, another cross-stitches, and one picked up dancing he gave up a few years ago. Find something that you can do at home and that can have a calming effect on you.
  4. Do some sports. It is easy to turn into a couch potato at home, but sports have incredibly useful effects on the body and mind. Choose a sport you like and that you can do at home and try to incorporate it into your daily schedule.
  5. Give yourself time to relax. It may be difficult, especially during financially troubling times, but you need to let yourself have some rest. If it helps, think about this as an investment in your health and a means of maintaining your ability to work.

I know I will be using some of these tips for my isolation routine.

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