COVID and Freelancers: Keeping Us (And Everybody) Safer

COVID and Freelancers: Keeping Us (And Everybody) Safer

According to the regularly updated information from the World Health Organisation website, the spread of COVID is limited through social distancing, and a good way to achieve that is to avoid crowds. This new reality has put a significant strain on many types of professions that presuppose interacting with people. However, it is less of a problem for freelancers.

People who had been freelancers before COVID and those who started working from home during COVID are doing their share in preventing the spread of the disease simply by following through their everyday routine. Meanwhile, employers and employees discover the benefits of freelance work, including fewer workplace issues and the non-existent commute.

Naturally, staying at home all day long is not easy; all of us are discovering how aggravating it can be to be locked up inside. However, right now, freelancing is also a method of contributing to fighting COVID, which is why it needs to be done whenever possible.

COVID is a tragedy that came with a huge death toll, but humans change and adapt and learn to fight the disease. One of the lessons we received is that working from home is viable but can be mentally taxing. One wonders what we are going to do with this knowledge in a post-COVID reality.

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