Supporting the Elderly

Date: 05/06/2018

In 01/2018, some of our employees travelled to a village in Bulgaria, with 95 walking sticks to distribute to the elderly, and a donation of wheelchairs, sporting and rehabilitation equipment for the Star Roza Elderly Support Organisation.

During our expedition to the village, we spoke to many of the elderly to find out how they go about their daily lives and routines. Most of them reported that they are alone without any family members to take care of them. Lyubomira, aged 73, said that her family could not afford to take care of her due to issues within the family and a lack of money, so they registered her with the care home. We found that most of the elderly had similar stories to tell us.

A lot of the time, weeks will go by without any outside human contact for the elderly population in the village. Thankfully, there are institutions like Star Roza who play a fantastic role in providing the utmost support and care for the local people, and also creating a community which allows them the ability to have someone there who they can interact with and boost their moral in their most delicate days.

Our aim for future events is to create a support network that is able to first and foremost provide the necessary items of refuge to those in need. We will also be initiating many grass roots communities who are also in a position to help provide the service that we are striving to provide, and together we hope to expand the campaign even more.

We take pride in making the smallest difference to the people who need us the most.